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Privacy Policy

Otodata Wireless Network Inc./Tag Tracking Inc. (“OTO”) has prepared this policy to describe how it collects, uses, accesses, discloses, and stores of any information about an identifiable individual that allows such individual to be identified (“Personal Information”). 

In the event that OTO provides you with a more specific consent form or privacy statement related to a particular product or subsequent to your consultation of this policy, it shall prevail over this policy. The Tag system is not activated for any vehicle positioning reports. The Tag system is strictly an antitheft system. All daily noted registered information is kept in a secured encrypted database located in Canada and not available to anyone, other than the dedicated personnel of OTO on a need-to-know and need-to-access basis, such as in the event of the recovery of a stolen vehicle. The customer/consumer does not have access to any links or positioning information via the Tag system. In the event of a theft, the customer/consumer will need proof of vehicle ownership and the authorized police event number so to begin the track/recovery protocol.

OTO  will collect, use and communicate Personal Information, in order to create customer file, which shall be kept in a secure database and for the specific purpose of providing the products and services related to locating and/or recovery of vehicles or vehicle parts which are thought to have been stolen.

In the course of its operations, OTO may communicate Personal Information to service providers that are required for OTO to accomplish the above-stated purpose. Furthermore, in the event of theft, OTO may communicate the Customer’s vehicle information to:

  • Insurance companies;

  • Law enforcement agencies;

  • Government agencies.  


You are entitled to request access to, and, if inaccurate, request correction of your Personal Information collected by OTO.

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