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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: September 9, 2021


Otodata Wireless Network Inc., herein referred to as Otodata or (OTO), proprietor of the TAG anti-theft system, 1180 Rue Louvain O., Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4N 1G5, sets forth the following terms and conditions, which are the only terms, conditions and representations made by (OTO) and the Customer. None of the following terms and conditions may be modified without (OTO's) written consent.


The TAG anti-theft system (TAG system) is used for electronically identifying and tracking stolen vehicles. The TAG system and tracking service will only be available for five (5) years of execution herein. The Tag system includes battery operated units which have a maximum (5) year operating life and as such, it is the Customer’s sole responsibility to contact (OTO) prior to the expiration of the (5) year term herein. You will not be contacted by (OTO) for system replacement or renewal due to the expiration of any (5) year term. In the event the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 24 hours within the five (5) years of the execution of this contract, (OTO) will replace the system in the Customer's replacement vehicle at no cost.


The TAG system must be installed by an (OTO) authorized TAG system installer. The vehicle must be reported stolen to (OTO) personnel and law enforcement within 4 hours of the Customer's having knowledge of the theft. The Customer must provide tangible proof of ownership as well as the law enforcement theft event number regarding the theft. Request for device replacement must be made in writing and within six (6) months of the theft. The TAG system ownership may be transferred provided (OTO) receives the appropriate new vehicle ownership information within 30 days of the change of ownership. Transfer of ownership fees are applicable, the (OTO) customer service department or an authorized dealer must be contacted to complete the request. This fee includes system changes, updates and if required by (OTO), a vehicle inspection performed by an authorized (OTO) representative. Otodata reserves the right to refuse a request for a transfer of ownership if the Tag system has less than 2 years remaining from the original date of installation or if it is determined that the ability to recover the vehicle may be compromised. A transfer of ownership may only be performed once, from the original owner.


The TAG system will be free from non-conformities in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation unless otherwise indicated. During this period, (OTO) will replace the defective transceivers, free of charge unless the device was handled by a non-(OTO) representative. If the Customer believes the TAG system requires warranty repair or verification and or testing, the Customer must notify (OTO). It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to contact (OTO) in the event of an accident in order to have the TAG system verified and or repaired as the accident may have damaged one or more of the TAG system components. (OTO) authorized installers and personnel shall be the only ones to repair the TAG system. The Customer must not tamper, remove, displace or modify any TAG system components as doing so will void all warranties and commitments contained within this agreement. Warranty work does not include the cost associated to the transport of the Customer's vehicle, the Customer or (OTO) personnel in order to complete said inspection, repair or replacement of defective transceivers. If (OTO) personnel or authorized dealer detects a problem with the Customer's TAG system, including but not limited to the theft deterrent markings, upon (OTO's) request, the Customer must make his vehicle available to (OTO) personnel or authorized dealer for verification and, if need be, repair and/or replacement of the TAG system. Failure to do so will void said warranty as well as the commitment against theft.


This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Quebec and Canada. There will be no device replacement if the above conditions have not been completely fulfilled. There shall be no compensation of any nature or damages owing to the Customer apart from the replacement of the device within the five (5) year period only. Any disagreement or dispute relating to this agreement are consequential upon its interpretation or application and will therefore be subject to mediation. In this respect, the parties hereto are committing to take part in at least one mediation meeting by appointing a person with the power of decision as a delegate to the meeting; the mediator will be designated by the parties. If no agreement is reached within 60 days of the appointment of the mediator, the dispute will be permanently decided by arbitration, to the exclusion of the courts, according to the laws of Quebec. The mediation and arbitration shall take place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Should a court decide that one or more of the provisions is unenforceable or declared null, all of the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

I hereby certify having read and understood the terms and conditions set out on both sides of this document and hereby authorize (OTO) to collect, use and communicate my personal information, in order to create customer file, which shall be kept in a secure database and shall relate to: (a) providing the products and services related to (OTO) products and services; (b) maintaining books and registers related to this agreement and other related activities; (c) locating and/or recovery of vehicles or vehicle parts which are thought to have been stolen; in the event of theft, (OTO) is hereby authorized to contact the following parties and to communicate the Customer’s personal information to them: Insurance companies; Law enforcement agencies; Government agencies; Authorized dealers. Only (OTO) employees who require Customer personal information in the performance of their duties will have access to my/our file. If I wish to access or correct my/our personal information, I/we shall communicate with (OTO) in writing at the above mentioned address. The customer acknowledges that: (a) (OTO) is not an insurance company and does not provide any insurance protection of any kind; (b) our service does not replace insurance coverage.

The trademarks, trade names, domain names and the (TAG) logos appearing in this document are registered trademarks of OTODATA WIRELESS NETWORK INC. Brevets canadiens et internationaux. Autres brevets en instances. Canadian and international patents. Other patents pending.



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