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No fees.

No wires.
No problems.

Our trained technicians install multiple, difficult to locate tracking devices throughout a vehicle. In the event of a theft, these devices can be tracked at anytime, anywhere in North America.

A varied number of wireless tracking devices are installed throughout a vehicle

and Recovery

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​​​​​​​​​​​On average,
Canadian vehicle theft increased up to 50% in 2022.


The Tag System carries a product and recovery warranty for the duration of your contract.

Anti-Jamming Technology


Tag Tracking’s unique anti-jamming technology is combined with a highly robust and secure communication protocol for maximum reliability.

Reduced Theft Insurance Premium

Choosing to Tag your vehicle helps to reduce your theft insurance premium.

To deter theft we etch a discrete logo on the front driver and passenger side windows of your vehicle alerting any would be thief that your vehicle is protected by the Tag System. This is proven to significantly reduce the instance of theft.

Our logo is etched on the front driver and passenger side windows of your vehicle



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Our miniature transponders each have their own unique serial number. Should a vehicle be stolen, theses devices will identify the vehicle components as stolen making them harder to buy and sell.

Tiny RFID devices are installed on vehicle parts often sought after by thieves

Electronic Identification

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