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Thieves Strike Twice!

NOVEMBER 17, 2021

The Tag tracking team recently recovered this Toyota Highlander Limited 2020, and here is what our customer had to say:

“We’ve been a victim of auto-theft twice, first was July of 2020 and the second was just recently, November 4th, 2021. When we got the replacement car, TAG was offered to us and we purchased the product / service as a precautionary measure in the event that a theft would happen again. And so it did! We called Tag Tracking to report the theft and the team went blazing to locate our car. When I spoke with the folks from the Tag Tracking team, there was a sense of comfort and security that the Tag tracking team will find it, and they did. We received a call from Tag Tracking a few minutes after lunch time same day that they have a visual of our car.
Thank you for a very efficient and effective car recovery. All dealership and even the police should work with you to help solve auto-theft. Highly recommend. Solves auto theft SAME DAY car retrieval.”

Dame R.

There is nothing more rewarding than receiving this type of customer feedback. From customer service to installation to recovery, our entire team is dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind and getting their vehicle back safe and sound!

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