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Tag Tracking tackles the Ontario market

​Québec tops all other provinces when it comes to vehicle theft, particularly when it comes to Montréal. But Toronto is moving up the ranks as well; many thieves from La Belle Province now operate out of Ontario, according to Tag Tracking.

In a news release the company, an anti-jamming technology supplier, said the issue is primarily a matter of insurance. They note that insurers are now individually requesting an application from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario to manage risks according to their needs. As a result, Tag Tracking said it is increasing its presence in Ontario.

“For decades, in Ontario, it was like walking into a candy store for thieves. There was no anti-theft protection protecting the vehicles. So it was a quick and easy market for thieves,” said Freddy Marcantonio, Vice-President of Business Development and Distribution at Tag Tracking, in an interview with Canadian auto dealer’s sister magazine Affaires automobiles.

Tag Tracking said the deterrent effect of its system is estimated to be approximately 99.82 per cent. This is because the system gives car thieves a difficult time.

The company describes its technology as a unique prevention and recovery system that uses a multi-layered approach to auto theft prevention. Designed and manufactured in Canada, this anti-theft solution is completely independent of the vehicle’s battery, making it difficult to dismantle.

Tag Tracking’s team is able to find stolen vehicles anywhere in North America. They also work with the police and have helped dismantle several vehicle theft groups.

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