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Barrie man upset truck was stolen as police confirm spike in vehicle thefts Barrie | Source | Mike Arsalides

Stephen Stables is beside himself after the theft of his Ford F-150 Platinum pickup truck early Monday from in front of his southeast Barrie home.

Stables says the thieves were captured on camera scouting his home in the moments before the theft but managed to block the Wi-Fi signal on nearby security cameras.

He says he contacted police but isn’t confident he’ll ever see his truck again.

He says a few years ago, the truck cost $85,000 and is now worth about $106,598 - if he can find one. Insurance isn’t offering Stables the current value of the vehicle.

Stables is one of several residents to report a pickup truck theft in Barrie, with at least three reported stolen in the past week.

Barrie police say about 40 per cent more vehicles have been stolen this year compared to last year, averaging about a car theft a day in the city through the first six months of 2022.

Vehicle security experts say thieves have discovered and use sophisticated technology to bypass vehicle anti-theft devices and GPS systems which can easily be found and disabled.

Thieves also use key fob frequency replicators to open vehicles and drive off with them.

Police ask residents to lock their vehicles and, if possible, park in a garage and always remove valuables.

Police also advise using steering wheel locks and other tools to deter thieves.

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