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We track stolen vehicles all over North America


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Tag is North America's most effective stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system

No Fees. No Wires. No Problems.

We'll Protect Your Car, RV, Boat and Heavy Machinery From Theft With Our 3-Step System


Our logo is etched on the driver and passenger side windows of your vehicle

Alerts a thief the vehicle is protected by the Tag system

Reduce the instance of theft by 99%

and Recovery

A varied number of wireless tracking devices are installed throughout your vehicle

We can track these devices anywhere in North America

Our dedicated tracking team is on call 24/7

Tiny RFID devices are installed on vehicle parts often sought after by thieves


In the event of a theft marks these parts as stolen property

They become harder to buy and sell

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Je me suis fait voler mon VUS durant la nuit, j’ai communiqué avec TAG à 8h00. Près de deux heures plus tard je recevais un appel de cette compagnie m’avisant qu’il avait déjà retrouvé mon VUS. Merci de votre excellent service !!!


Jocelyne Bélanger

I had a Tag system installed today. I wanted to thank you and your team for the fast courteous and informative service. Tony was wonderful and I am sorry I did not get the name of the young man who installed the system.


Claire Martell

Following a call from our customer to report the theft of his 2018 Lexus RX350, our tracking team was quickly deployed.

November 5, 2020

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