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 JANUARY 18, 2022 


The Tag Tracking team recently recovered this 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and here is what our customer had to say:


"Finding my car stolen after a long day of work left me feeling violated and helpless. After calling 911, my next call was to TAG. Not long after, I received a call from the police that they had located my car, despite the fact that the thieves had disable the GPS system. My car is now home where it belongs thanks to TAG! The TAG team are unsung heroes, providing peace of mind during an otherwise stressful circumstance."
Cheryl R.


There is nothing more rewarding than receiving this type of customer feedback. From customer service to installation to recovery, our entire team is dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind and getting their vehicle back safe and sound!

Peace of Mind Recovered

17 mai 2023

Tag Tracking tackles the Ontario market

Québec tops all other provinces when it comes to vehicle theft, particularly when it comes to Montréal. But Toronto is moving up the ranks as well; many thieves from La Belle Province now operate out of Ontario, according to Tag Tracking.

In a news release the company, an anti-jamming technology supplier, said the issue is primarily a matter of insurance...

18 novembre 2022

TVA Nouvelles - Individuals arrested for vehicle theft - Interview with Freddy Marcantonio

French Only.

11 juillet 2022

OPP finds stolen Jeep in shipping container after second attempted driveway theft

A Jeep discovered by Ontario police in a shipping container has been traced back to its owner after the vehicle was stolen over the weekend from a driveway.

(It had been stored in a container with another stolen vehicle that had the Tag Tracking system installed!)

16 juin 2022

Barrie man upset truck was stolen as police confirm spike in vehicle thefts

Stephen Stables is beside himself after the theft of his Ford F-150 Platinum pickup truck early Monday from in front of his southeast Barrie home (...)

22 février 2022

Vehicle Theft: Gone in 60 Seconds

[Video in French] "Les vols d'autos au Québec ont augmenté. Les voleurs n'hésitent pas à choisir des modèles qui coûtent cher et qui sont plus faciles à voler. On suit la trace d'une auto volée à Mtl qui nous mène jusqu'au Nigéria. Et vous allez voir que les voleurs ont la vie facile. Dossier de Denis Therriault."

18 janvier 2022

Peace of Mind Recovered

The Tag Tracking team recently recovered this 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and here is what our customer had to say:
"Finding my car stolen after a long day of work left me feeling violated and helpless. (...)

17 novembre 2021

Thieves Strike Twice!

The Tag tracking team recently recovered this Toyota Highlander Limited 2020, and here is what our customer had to say:
“We’ve been a victim of auto-theft twice, first was July of 2020 and the second was just recently, November 4th, 2021. When we got the replacement car (...)

1 juin 2021

Seizure of stolen vehicles on the rise

French Only. Check out the article published in the Journal de Montreal today to learn more about the dramatic rise in vehicle theft this past year, how Montreal remains a hub for stolen vehicle shipments overseas & how with the help of Tag Tracking, authorities have been able to recover stolen vehicles at the port of Montreal for the past decade!

19 juin 2018

Vehicle Theft Ring Dismantled Thanks To Tag

Did you know that 75% of stolen vehicles are destined for export abroad?

24 mai 2019

Stealing A "Non-Contact Key" Vehicle: Child's Play

French Only. With technology, it is easier than ever to steal vehicles running with contactless electronic keys and criminals do not hesitate to take advantage of them.

23 mai 2019

Car Theft: A Crime That Costs Victims Dearly

French Only. Car thefts are more and more common in the Montreal area. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, six provinces experienced an increase in thefts between 2016 and 2017. In Quebec, the frequency of this crime climbed for the first time in ten years. Security experts are worried because cars are easier to steal. The report of Vincent Maisonneuve.

9 septembre 2016

The Tag System Saves The Holidays Of a Quebec Family

French Only. Thanks to Journal de l’assurance for sharing the good news of our recent successful recovery in Florida!

3 septembre 2015

$ 10 Million Cargo Stolen In Broad Daylight

French Only.

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