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Prevention, Electronic Identification & Tracking


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Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning the TAG system. If your question has not been answered, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you, so comments about our website and our product are also welcomed!

Q: What exactly is the TAG system?

A: The TAG is a unique theft prevention and recovery system that uses 3 levels of theft prevention. The system combines PREVENTION, ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION and TRACKING to form a unique and combined approach to protection.

Q: How much does the TAG system cost?

A: Pricing for the TAG system may vary depending on your insurance provider and or distributor. TAG staff is continuously working with its insurance partners to create rebate programs that make the TAG system the most cost effective vehicle protection solution in the world today. For current pricing, please contact your local authorized distributor or insurance provider to find out more.   

Q: Are there any monthly or annual monitoring fees for my new TAG system?

A: NO. There are absolutely no other fees whatsoever for the TAG system. The purchase price includes all the installation costs and the monitoring fees for a 5 year period.

Q: Are there any tracking and recovery fees?

A: NO. Tracking and recovery fees are included in the purchase price of your new TAG system.

Q: Where can I get my hands on the best vehicle protection money can buy?

A: Please call 514-745-8241 or 1-888-745-TAG1 (outside the greater Montreal area)

Q: Can the installation of a new TAG system have an impact on my vehicle warranty?

A: NO. Because the TAG system is completely self-sufficient and autonomous, it requires absolutely no connection to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Q: Does the purchase of my new TAG system carry a warranty?

A: YES. Your new TAG system carries a 5 year product and recovery warranty. The repair or replacement of any part of your TAG system will be done free during a 5 year period (from the date of purchase and installation). Also, in the unlikely event that your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 45 days of the theft and during the 5 year period (from the date of purchase and installation) we will outfit your replacement vehicle with a new TAG system absolutely free.

Q: Will my insurance company provide me with a rebate if I purchase the TAG system?

A:   Most insurance providers offer substantial rebates! Please contact your insurance provider or broker for more information.

Q: What do I do if my car gets stolen?

A: You must contact the TAG tracking central to advise us of the theft.

A tracking team will be dispatched within minutes following your phone call.

You must also contact your local law enforcement agency to report the theft of your vehicle and  obtain an event number, which is required by us to proceed with tracking.

Q:  How will my vehicle be tracked and recovered if it is stolen?

A: Once we have been advised of the theft, we will dispatch our dedicated team of tracking personnel, which is on call 24/7/365 and ready to help you!

Q: How long will it take to find my car?

A: The time it takes to recover a stolen vehicle can vary, depending on the circumstances of the theft.

Q: Is the TAG system transferable?

A: YES. For a fee of $49.95 the transfer of vehicle ownership may be completed. This fee includes all of the necessary updates to our database and systems as well as the vehicle inspection.


Prevention, Electronic Identification & Tracking in one system





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